Finnish Association of Indigenous Sámi
Parliament of Sámi villages in Finland 

The organization has been established in Sodankylä on October 23rd 2021 by representatives from Sámi villages, which are Inari, Peltojärvi, Sodankylä, Sompio, Kuolajärvi, Maanselkä, Kitka, Kittilä, Keminkylä Sámi villages. 
Organizations is called "umbrella organization" for associations and organizations (Sámi villages}. 

The purpose is:

to seek and promote co-operation between the representatives of the Nordic Sámi.
to also work with all reindeer herders and their "paliskunta" organizations.  
to co-operate with municipalities, regions and states.
to co-operate with the Sámi Parliament in Finland.
to seek and promote co-operation between international organizations.


Chairman Merja Mattila
1st Vice chairman Pasi Purhonen
2nd Vice chairman Rami Niemelä
Secretary Timo Helaniva
Spokeswoman Merja Mattila

e-mail: posti(a)

With this declaration, we seek recognition from Finland, recognition for a people even more original than the original Sami - the Forest Sami.
Let our united declaration give a voice to our feelings about what the original Sami people in Finland want to pronounce to the entire Finnish people, to Europe and to the whole world.

Declaration of the native Sami people in Finland

Our identity is Sami. We are a living part of the Sami people.
We are Sami in the sense referred to in section 17 § 3 paragraph. in the Constitution.
International human rights treaties also apply to us.
We also have the right to our own language and our culture.
We also have the same human rights as other native peoples.
We also have the right to equal treatment.
We determine our own identity.
No one else has the right to define our Sami identity
and the right to our origin.
- Forest Sami in the former Kemi Lapland Area -